Returning a blio book early

Barb Mar 04, 2013 10:19AM EST

I am finished with my checked out Blio books on my Kindle Fire HD and would like to return them so I can check out new ones. I seem to have a 3 book limit and cannot check anything out until the others are returned. I know they will automatically return on the expiration date, but I want to return them earlier.

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Axis360 Support Mar 05, 2013 04:47PM EST Blio Support Support Agent

An early return feature is currently in development and will be available in a future release of Blio, at the moment we do not have an estimate of when the feature will be added.. Currently there isn’t a way to return a title early using Blio.

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Sherry Apr 05, 2013 10:35PM EDT
I have a book from the library that says I have it on my kindle but I can't find how to download it so that I can read it
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Axis360 Support Apr 09, 2013 10:57AM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

Sherry – thank you for your question. When you are logged into Axis 360, click on the ‘My Lists’ link. This will show the titles checked out to you. The format that the title is checked out in will be displayed. If the title is checked out in the Blio format, and you have Blio installed on your Kindle(if not installed, find instructions to install Blio here.), you will need to log into your Blio app. Once logged in tap the menu button and tap My Purchases. This screen will display titles that have been borrowed as well as any titles that you have purchased from the Blio store. Simply tap to download the title to your kindle.

If the title is checked out in the ePub format this format is not compatible with Blio or the Kindle. The ePub requires that the title be downloaded to Adobe Digital Editions(ADE) then transferred to a compatible eReader. If you have ADE installed on your computer, you can also return the title (click the arror on the title with ADE and select ’Return Borrowed Item"). Once the title has been returned you can then check the title out again in the Blio format.

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lulu Apr 22, 2013 02:31AM EDT
You guys are a disgrace. I'm requesting my library drop you and stick with Overdrive.
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Axis360 Support Apr 22, 2013 01:00PM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

Hi Lulu,

Thank you for your comments. Is there a specific issue that I can assist you with? I will be happy to help you with any problems that you may be experiencing.

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NewRader May 23, 2013 02:18PM EDT
This is a truly pathetic app and it's a shame libraries are using it. The fact that you can't return a book before it's due is a TOTAL joke. Some people just want to browse a book and not get stuck with it.

Now, I have to wait 21 days to get rid of my copy.

What a load of garbage. This BLOATWARE is a disgrace.

100megs for the reader and you can't even return it?
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Rachel Jun 01, 2013 03:54PM EDT
I really wished I had looked into this app. Like a few above I would like to return my books early. I read very quickly and am now stuck with them unable to check out any more for almost 3 weeks. Thank goodness I have other devices and actual paper books I can read.
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Axis360 Support Jun 04, 2013 12:17PM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

Thank you for your comments. The early return feature is a feature which is highly requested. This feature is in development however at this time we do not have an estimate of when the feature will be included in a Blio update.

In the meantime, when checking out titles from your library you can adjust the number of days the titles are checked out for. When checking out a title, instead of clicking the ‘Checkout Now’ button which simply checks the title out for the default number of days set by your library, instead, click ‘Add to Checkout list’. Once you have added your titles to the checkout list, you can view your list by clicking ‘Checkout List’ in the top right corner of the page. When looking at each title you will see a slide bar which allows you to adjust the number of days the title will be checked out for. You can set the number of days based on your reading speed and thus reducing or preventing the situation of finishing your book and having to wait several days or weeks to checkout a new title.

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Lisa Aug 26, 2013 07:30AM EDT
What?!? There's no way to return a book early? Unbelievable,!! So, all the books I want to check out can't be because I have to wait 20 days now? Ugh...
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Bob Aug 26, 2013 07:31AM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

There is actually going to be a new version of Blio coming out soon that supports early return. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Jeanne Aug 27, 2013 05:47AM EDT
So you're saying you can't return ebooks early? What happens? Do you have to wait until the day they are due? Does it automatically return it for you? Thanks.
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Bob Aug 27, 2013 05:48AM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

Books automatically return as it is, but the dev team is about to roll out another version of the app that will allow you to delete and return library books.

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Margaret Schlagel Aug 29, 2013 07:06AM EDT
I contacted the tech support system regarding this problem. They should be aware that librarians side with library patrons who find this program is terrible. Patrons are not warned that there is no return feature which BTW exists on all other systems including Overdrive, Aldiko and Kindle. Patrons who have holds on items lose the hold because they cannot check out the title if they have exceeded their check-out limit (5 titles). Readers with vision problems have found that some titles do not have a text enlargement feature (the feature exists on other formats of the same title) so they are stuck with a book they cannot read under it expires.

Of course, I waited for a supervisor to speak with, but she was "away from her desk" and no contact was made. The gentlemen who answered was very nice but he should not have had to deal with the weaknesses of BLIO's development team who seem incapable of corrected the problem or are prevented from doing so by the company who does not wish to cover the expense of an update.
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Bob Aug 29, 2013 07:17AM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

I understand the frustration on this issue (I actually recommended the fix that is getting rolled out over a year ago). I’m already beginning the alpha testing of the early return function for the next revision of iOS Blio. We will have an android and PC update as well (that will include some other minor bug fixes in addition to the early return function). The dev team has also recommended that the Axis360 team provide an option within the magic wall to do early return, but that was only yesterday I believe. As for the comment
“BLIO’s development team who seem incapable of corrected the problem or are prevented from doing so by the company who does not wish to cover the expense of an update”
I’m not sure where you got that information, but I can tell you that we have continued developing the different applications. I’m not sure why you believe the issue with the update is the cost.

I did want to touch on something else that you mentioned.
“Readers with vision problems have found that some titles do not have a text enlargement feature (the feature exists on other formats of the same title) so they are stuck with a book they cannot read under it expires”
The Blio application is actually designed with accessibility features in mind that I would like to let you know about.
There are two formats with in Blio. All files are either EPUB and PDF sourced, which means the publisher actually dictates what format they want. PDF files are often used by publishers who want to ensure the content looks the way they intended it to. For example, on a text book, the words might not match the image if the font is adjusted. Even on PDF sourced files (also called “fixed” view) there are still zooming options. The feature is called “guided zoom” and will jump from block to block. The reader will automatically zoom and tab through the book as if they were flipping pages. On flowed view books (typically novels) the font is adjustable because the publisher doesn’t care what page the text shows up on, as long as all the text shows up.

There are also features/functions for having the book automatically read aloud. The text to speech (TTS) options do differ from platform to platform.

I also would like to mentioned that for users who do not like the Blio format, there should also be an EPUB format available.

Blio – When a title is checked out the title is automatically added to your Blio Book Vault. Once you have logged into Blio on your device the title will show up as available to download. If you already have Blio open when you check out the book you may need to wait a few minutes then click the sync button which looks like two arrows in a circle. The title will then display with the cover image grayed out, and an arrow pointing down. Click on the down arrow to download the title to your device. Once the title has downloaded, you can click on the title to open the book and begin reading.

ePub – When a title is checked out in the ePub format the title must be first downloaded to your computer which has Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) installed. Once the title has downloaded an opened in ADE you can then either read the book from your computer, or connect a compatible eReader device such as a Nook and transfer the title to your device by dragging the title and dropping it onto your device.

If the format the title was checked out is in fact ePub, you will not be able to open the book in Blio. You can however return the title to your library however this will require that you have a computer which ADE installed. First, download the title to the computer which has ADE installed. When the file is opened the title will automatically download into ADE. Once the title appears in your list of titles within ADE, click the small arrow just to the left of the cover image. You will see several options, select ’Return Borrowed Item". This will return the title to your library. You may need to wait a short time for Axis 360 to be updated. You can then log in and check the title out in the Blio format.

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Sandra Oct 07, 2013 08:44AM EDT
The last post says the update for early return is in alpha testing. That was in August. This is October...when will this be ready?
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Bob Oct 07, 2013 08:48AM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

We are still awaiting a few things (I believe we are rolling server changes to production this week). We will also be releasing updated versions of the iOS, android, and Windows app shortly after that. I’m confident that the apps and the function will be working before the end of the month. I am sorry it is taking so long, but we wanted to make sure we didn’t create issues for the users before we roll anything out (one of the bugs I was working related to trying to return a book early early and the server fails for some reason, like slow web connection, it would remove the book from the account and perpetually leave the book in limbo until it expires).

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Melony Dever Oct 28, 2013 07:04AM EDT
As the end of the month very quickly approaches I was hoping for an update regarding the return feature. We are using BLIO from our local public library on our KindleFire HD tablets and with 3 school age children it would be lovely to cycle the material more quickly.
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Bob Oct 28, 2013 07:10AM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

Couple things here:
1) The update for iOS was actually submitted to iTunes on Friday but it does take a few days to get approval from iTunes. The android version I believe is going out today (we don’t like to do software updates on a Friday in case there are issues that need to be addressed). I’ll post more as it becomes available about the android version. The PC version will be coming out Thursday I believe, but we are trying to stagger the releases to make sure that there are not platform related bugs that we had not caught during the QA cycle.

2) Because the Kindle fire is not technically a supported device (the only way to use it is to side load the app), the update will not actually come up automatically. I plan on updating the Kindle fire documentation once the app is offically out, but all users running a sideloaded app will need to reinstall the app.

I plan on updating the Library support section of the Blio support page once everything is all set in order to clean up some erroneous info that is up there (relating to early return). If you have any questions or comments that you would like to see featured as far as library stuff is concerned, please let me know. I’ve already build a basic axis360 checkout tutorial, but it needs to be narrated before I can upload it to the Blio Support YouTube channel. I plan on having a video tutorial specifically for Axis360 checkouts because of the new features.

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Bob Oct 29, 2013 02:09PM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

FYI, I’ve updated the tutorials in the Library support section and cleaned up some things. I’ve also embedded a video of basic checkouts using PC (and I’ll have the android version uploaded soon as well) that shows the early return function and how to use it.

The app is scheduled for public release 10/30/13.

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Jeff Nov 11, 2013 07:43AM EST
Hi Alex, I have updated to 4.1 on my iPad with iOS 7, but I can't find the option to return a library book. On my Android tablet I just hold down on the book and a menu pops up with options to delete or return etc, but on iOS it only gives me the option to Share on Facebook or Twitter. Can you pleas explain how to return on iOS? Thanks
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Bob Nov 11, 2013 07:45AM EST Blio Support Support Agent

The early return feature is visible from the list view. If you are viewing the library in Thumbnail view, you have to delete the book from the library (using the edit button) and then delete it from the “get books” section (by swiping left on the title).

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Lynn Dec 25, 2013 03:01PM EST
I just want to be sure I'm understanding this.

I've read all the comments, searched the site, and this is what I've determined --
1. I can not return books early on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 from the Blio App.
2. I can not return books early via my libraries Axis360 site.
3. I need to download the Blio app to my desktop in order to do this one simple task.

Have a missed something? Am I correct in this assumption?
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Bob Dec 25, 2013 03:04PM EST Blio Support Support Agent

1) You can do an early return on Blio on any supported device.
If you are using an android device (samsung tab) press and hold a loaned book in the Blio library and the option for return book should show up on the far right.

2) This is correct. The axis360 “magic wall” does not support early returns. Returning content must be done through Adobe digital editions for EPUB format loans and via Blio for Blio format loans.

3) You can use any version of the app to return books. Android is a press and hold, iOS you need to be in the list view and the return book button will show up, and on PC, you can find the return button on the book info page.

If you have any issues or are still unclear about anything, please let us know.

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