arnzip Aug 03, 2014 05:49PM EDT

authentication is not retained - I have to resign only when I boot up my android not when I close the app and open it later. I have the latest 3.1.4

why do I have to keep resigning and it does retain my bookmark when I have to reboot

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Sri Aug 04, 2014 11:51AM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

You should not have to sign-in every time you open the Blio app on your Android phone unless you choose the sign out option from the menu. Then, you will have to log in the next time you open the app.
As for retaining the book you are reading, you can adjust this feature in the settings menu. If you select the menu button and then click on “Settings” from the drop down menu, you will see an option called “Startup Screen”, where you can adjust the start screen to be the last read book.

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