returning books early

Karen Jun 03, 2014 12:54PM EDT

I understand that you can now return books early. Following directions I tapped book, but option to return is not there, just remove book from device. When I do that, the book from the library still shows on my list. I may have to update Blio, but how? Where do I go for updates so that this feature will work?t

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Sri Jun 03, 2014 01:49PM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

To download the most recent version of Blio go to
(Dell, Toshiba, HP, PC, Android, iOS)
As for the early return, you can do an early return on Blio on any supported device.
If you are using an android device (samsung tab), make sure you are in the Blio library view. Then, press and hold a loaned book and the option for return book should show up on the far right.

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Virginia Jul 28, 2014 10:26AM EDT
On an ipad you have to be in list veiw not the grid. Once i found this out it was amazingly easy.
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Hai Oct 23, 2014 04:23PM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

Hello Terah:
Please make sure that you are running the latest version of Blio: V3.1.5 from the Play store. I would also check to make sure that you are running the latest software on your LG device. To remove titles from your library permanently, you will need to navigate to the my purchases screen by tapping on the menu icon. This icon looks like a set of squares to indicate a list. On the my purchases screen, tap and hold on the titles that you wish to remove and tap on the delete button. If you wish to access these titles in the future, you will need to redownload them from the store.
Finally, if it would be helpful to walk through this process over the phone, please feel free to call: 209-720-2282.


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