Reading kindle with Blio software?

Willa Jun 02, 2014 03:58PM EDT

I'm just getting started with all this and a bit confused. I have a Dell laptop with Blio software. Can I download and read kindle e-books?

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Sri Jun 02, 2014 04:13PM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

Blio does not support content from other readers, including Kindle ebooks, and vice versa. Most files have some sort of copyright protection and this can cause trouble when trying to open outside the normal app. Material with a copyright cannot be opened in Blio unless purchased through the Blio store. Content without DRM protection can be imported. Depending on the device, Epub, XPS, and PDF are acceptable file formats for import.

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Willa Jun 03, 2014 03:04PM EDT
Super helpful - thank you. Next question :) Can I download a Kindle for PC software (or other software) and run both that and Blio? Or can I have only one reader at a time?
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Sri Jun 03, 2014 03:04PM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

Yes, you can download the Kindle for PC software and also run Blio on the same PC.

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