Permanently remove a book from library

J Hart May 21, 2014 01:42PM EDT

I work for a high school library, and we have started using Galaxy Tab3 with Blio for our student patrons.

Here's my issue:

I can't get rid of Duchess's Tattoo. I remove it from my library only to have it reappear within 20 minutes. I'd like to know the answer to this soon before we start circulating these devices.


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Sri May 21, 2014 01:48PM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

To delete a book on an Android device, please go to “My Purchases”, then press down on the cover image of the book you wish to delete. A pop up bar will display the option to “Delete Book”. Click on the “Delete Book” button and confirm that you wish to delete the book when the dialog box prompts you.

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mapleranch May 13, 2015 10:49AM EDT
I have the same question. Prior to downloading the book, I attempted the answer suggested by Sri, but the only options were "Download Book," "Book Info," "Share Book Details," and "Refresh Book Cover." I want to delete it. I don't want to download it. I'm not interested in this title. In fact, I'm concerned about inappropriate content. I'm wanting to be able to hand the device over to my child to read library books on roadtrips.
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Hai May 13, 2015 11:05AM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

The process for removing titles from the Blio archive varies slightly depending on the device being used. For devices running Android, the steps are as follows.
⁃ 1. Launch Blio and navigate to the library screen.
⁃ 2. Tap on the squares at the top right. On some devices, the squares are displayed as three dots.
⁃ 3. Tap on my purchases to display the book archive.
⁃ 4. Tap and hold on the book you wish to remove and tap the delete button. Once the dialog has been confirmed, the title should disappear from the archive.

To delete a title from the book archive on iOS:
⁃ 1. Launch Blio and make sure that the library screen is visible.
⁃ 2. Tap edit and tap delete next to any titles to remove the local copy.
⁃ 3. Tap done.
⁃ 4. Tap get books to access the books archive and find the book you wish to delete.
⁃ 5. Swipe left on the title and confirm that you wish to delete the title.

On Windows:
⁃ Launch Blio and navigate to the library screen.
⁃ Locate the title you wish to remove and click on the book info icon.
⁃ Click the trash can at the top of the screen and confirm that you wish to delete the book. If the book was previously downloaded on the PC, you will need to perform the previous steps a second time to deactivate the cloud copy and remove it from your library.

For additional assistance, we are available by phone at: 209-720-2280.


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