Blio App for Windows RT (ARM)

Tim Blake Apr 26, 2014 08:01PM EDT

Will there ever be support for Windows RT tablets with your Metro app?

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Sri Apr 28, 2014 02:22PM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

The windows RT version of the app (win metro) is available for download, but only if you have windows 8. The link should automatically pull up the windows 8 store and navigate to that record when you are using a windows 8 machine.

Does clicking that link fail to redirect on the Windows RT device? If so, please try to open the start menu and select store. Then search for “Blio” and you should see the app.

Keep in mind, early returns, notes, highlighting, look up, TTS, as well as a number of other features will NOT work on the metro (runtime) version of the app. We are working on getting the windows 8 app fully up to the same standards as the desktop app, so keep an eye out for any updates to the metro build by looking in the windows store.

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Nicole Brock Jul 16, 2014 11:39AM EDT
Apparently, the Blio app also does not work with 32-bit processors. Our staff just received Microsoft Surface RTs with 32-bit processors, and the app will not work. You can't even find it in the app store. I tried using this link, and it did redirect, but I received a notice that my device can't run the app. Are you working on that at all?
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Sri Jul 16, 2014 11:40AM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

Hi Nicole,
Thank you for you comment and additional information. Unfortunately, we don’t have any plan in place to make the Blio app available for 32-bit MS RTs at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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