An error occurred while displaying this book

Rebecca Apr 10, 2014 03:53PM EDT

Is there any way to find out what this message means? I can see the cover of the book displayed behind the message. I converted the book from an .azw (non-DRM) format to .epub using Calibre so Blio could read it. I can open the book in Calibre in .epub format with no problem, but want to use the book on my tablet, and Calibre doesn't have an Android app.

I REALLY hate the Kindle app, hence the conversion. If I can't debug, I guess I'll just have to use Kindle, but I'd really rather not.

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Sri Apr 10, 2014 04:32PM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

You are likely receiving this error message because the format of the file is not supported by Blio. You will only be able to open DRM free EPUB files in the Blio application by dragging and dropping them into the app or copying them to the Documents\Blio folder.

If the files are not EPUB or are protected by a 3rd party DRM (EX Adobe DRM), then you will not be able to use those books in the app.

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