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Melissa Mar 18, 2014 10:06AM EDT

I see in your article about TTS: "Text to speech (TTS) invokes the native Text to speech client for the device. Android an iOS do not have native TTS voices unless you put the device into Accessibility mode (which will read everything)."

I have turned on the Google TTS engine and TalkBack (Android 4.3) but, while my phone would read the Blio accessibility tips on start-up, it would not read the book page.

Is there another trick to getting Blio books read aloud by the Google TTS engine and the device's Google voice without installing a Blio-purchased voice?


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Bob Mar 18, 2014 10:26AM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

If you are in accessibility mode, you can tap the words (swipe the words) to have it read using the native TTS engine. When you tap the screen it should say “reading view” and then you need to tap and then tap and hold to get the accessibility menu to pop up. The one that most people look for is “continuous read”.

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Melissa Mar 20, 2014 07:39AM EDT
Thanks, Alex, but I still don't get the ebook read with TTS. I had TTS reading me my gmail, so TTS was working.

Again, I have Android 4.3, so the options are different from what you describe. What I'm using is:

Accessibiity --> TalkBack (turned on)
TalkBack Settings: Explore by touch is turned off
Manage gestures are all set on their defaults as delivered

TTS options --> Preferred TTS engine set to Google TTS engine

Maybe I just don't have the right gesture to launch the reading in Blio. Tapping and swiping aren't doing the trick, at least not the way I'm tapping and swiping. I also tried long press, and selection.

When I use the audio play button at the top of Blio's reading tool, rather than seeing that I have a built-in TTS voice turned on, it gives me "Choose TTS Voice, no installed TTS voices found, Buy TTS voice". I don't get a choice of my default TTS engine and voice.
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Bob Mar 20, 2014 07:44AM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

What you described is right. Once you turn talkback on, it will use the google tts voice. You do still need to use the accessibility keystrokes. I’m not very familiar with the keystrokes myself, but I do know that you have to tap once and it will read aloud “reading view” (meaning you are now target focused on the reading view). Then tap twice and on the second tap hold. This should pop up a menu (it took me a couple tries to get it myself the first time). We are going to bind the Play button (the one that uses the play store TTS) to start continuous read if accessibility mode is on for a future version of the app. If you have more accessibility specific questions, Hai, our accessibility expert can help fill you in. You can reach him directly by calling 209-720-2282 (or by calling the main line and selecting the option for accessibility… I think it is option 4).

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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