why can't I access my library book?

sam Mar 11, 2014 11:57PM EDT

I borrowed an ebook from the library (.acsm file). My library's instructions say that the title should show up in blio after "syncing", but it's not there. Please provide detailed instructions on how to access library ebooks that come as .acsm files. (I already read the answer provided by another user -- unfortunately, the longwinded response provided by blio does not even address the original question)

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Bob Mar 12, 2014 07:11AM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

The acsm file is not a Blio file. When you check a book out from axis360, there are two formats:

Blio – When a title is checked out the title is automatically added to your Blio Book Vault. Once you have logged into Blio on your device the title will show up as available to download. If you already have Blio open when you check out the book you may need to wait a few minutes then click the sync button which looks like two arrows in a circle. The title will then display with the cover image grayed out, and an arrow pointing down. Click on the down arrow to download the title to your device. Once the title has downloaded, you can click on the title to open the book and begin reading.

ePub – When a title is checked out in the ePub format the title must be first downloaded to your computer which has Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) installed. Once the title has downloaded an opened in ADE you can then either read the book from your computer, or connect a compatible eReader device such as a Nook and transfer the title to your device by dragging the title and dropping it onto your device.

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The acsm file is a download link for ADE, which indicates you used EPUB checkout. That is why it is not working for Blio.

Given that Adobe is related to axis360 and NOT the Blio system, I cannot provide much more info than what is above, but the local library should be able to provide more info.

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