Is it possible to print pages from Blio books

Sandy Jan 18, 2014 09:31AM EST

I'm reading a Blio book on health and diet, and wanted to print the information for later reference. Is this possible in a Blio book?

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Bob Jan 20, 2014 07:52AM EST Blio Support Support Agent

Unfortunately, printing pages is technically recreating the book, which violates copyright law. This is why the feature has not been added to the app. It is requested fairly often. If you were looking to print a recipe (which is the most common reason this is requested), some users have had luck using the snipping tool built into windows to take a picture of the recipe and print it.

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Roger Jan 31, 2014 07:02AM EST
Your statement: "printing pages is technically recreating the book, which violates copyright law" is either wrong, misleading or both. Section 107 of the Copyright Law allows for "fair use" of copyrighted materials. This usually includes the possibility of printing a relatively small number of pages. Many eBook vendors allow for this as well. I am more inclined to think that Blio is so poorly developed that printing, like many other basic features, is simply not present. Blio seems to have been developed with Publishers in mind, not the readers and their basic rights.
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Bob Jan 31, 2014 07:17AM EST Blio Support Support Agent

I’m glad you mention that Roger. While section 107 does allow for fair use, most DRM (digital rights management) solutions do not allow any sort of reproduction or sharing even though it is allowed by fair use. This is actually an argument that I have on a regular basis. DRM by nature violates copyright law (because of the fair use clause). There are a few sites (like smashwords) that do self publish and are against the use of DRM.

Take a look at smashwords DRM policies and you will see what I mean.

We are actually contractually bound by the publishers to enforce DRM that they have approved. We actually have several metadata flags that publishers can control. These are things like:
TTS (text to speech) rights
Number of words that can be copied
If the book is allowed to have adjustable fonts

There is a feature in the PC version that actually will crash the app if you try to leverage the tools we have build due to DRM restrictions. On PC, you can store notes and highlighting and then export the notes and highlighting. If a publisher has restricted the number of words that can be copied, the app will crash because it is unable to export.

This is why I recommend using the snipping tool. It can be a pain, but it allows you to still operate withing fair use guidelines.

As for missing features, if you would like to suggest some things you see missing, I’d be happy to report them to the development team so they can be added to enhance the applications functionality.

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Roger Feb 03, 2014 06:52AM EST
Very informative answer, Alex. Much obliged. Too bad some publishers are still unwilling to try distribution paradigms that place the reader at the center, especially when distributing their materials through libraries. Oftentimes their prices are outrageous (e.g. hardback = $25, eBook = $80 for same title). Some other times, libraries have to buy back an ebook after it has circulated a certain number of times. It is either greed or fear...or both. I think users of Blio need access to more tutorials, or at least a more detailed HELP section. It took me a while to find how to return a book before the expiration date. I am glad this feature is now available. It would be great if we could recommend, through BLIO, new purchases to our library. Thanks again.
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Bob Feb 03, 2014 07:00AM EST Blio Support Support Agent

Interestingly enough, things are starting to shift. Publishers like O’Reilly Media have actually adopted DRM free models and are seeing greater profits (mainly because it isn’t so difficult to purchase and can be used on any device/app). I found a list of a few publishers that are DRM free

Music went DRM free years ago and it was a good thing. Eventually, book and movie producers will learn that DRM costs more money than it saves, but for now, we are required to enforce the DRM.

I actually admin the support site and I’d be happy to build some up articles for users. I did a quick search on using the search bar (I used "early return as my search criteria) and I found this article. It is a bit dated and it doesn’t actually outline how to perform an early return so I’ll build up an article on that. Were there any other support tutorials that you would like to see?

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