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Kimber Corsini Oct 23, 2013 09:29PM EDT

Computer came with the Blio program. Finally got time to look into it. Found that there was an offer for 4 free ebooks = one of them was Facebook For Dummies... other 3 were???

So, to get the free books, i signed up, clicked as instructed to download the freebies.... nothing
So I checked for updates - oncwe they downloaded - my free offer was gone.
What the heck???

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Bob Oct 24, 2013 06:12AM EDT Blio Support Support Agent

The offer you saw in the library was actually an older expired promotion. When you did the update, the flier disappeared because that promotion has expired. However, we do still grant 4 free ebooks upon sign up. Those books are
A Girl of the Limberlost
The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography
The Duchess’s Tattoo

If those books are not showing up, I’m guessing the issue is related to a network/firewall/antivirus that is preventing your connection to the server. The app itself should have tried to perform a forced update when you first opened it, but I do know that if the network connection is restricted somehow, the update fails and you can use the app in a quasi offline mode. Based on the free book you mentioned, I’m assuming this was an issue with a Windows machine, because Arcadia (the desktop app) is the only version of Blio that does the in app updates.

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