Sandi May 13, 2015 07:49PM EDT

Hello - I've got to be honest with you. I only just now found this app. I never heard of Blio nor knew it existed until I opened up an alternate screen on my HP and found it! This is my question. And, I mean absolutely no 'offense' to the Blio fans/staff who may be reading this.

I love to dl books - I use several sites where I get them for free and they are, of course, all legal sites. I would say the ratio is 90%-10% in terms of books that are available to me and those that aren't - in favor of the books that are available.

Why would I want to go thru the hassle of trying to sideload books into Blio when I can so easily use Overdrive and have absolutely no problems getting most all of the books I want in a terrific e-reader that works beautifully on my new Kindle HDX?.

What are the things available to me with Blio that would help to encourage me to become more familiar with this site/app versus just going along my merry way using my Override to download all my Epub books to on my Kindle?

I'm always excited about finding new sites and new apps - but, of course, I need to be persuaded by what they make available to me in order to do more than just casually check them out.

Why would I want to start using Blio on my Kindle? What advantages does it offer to me that I don't already have using Overdrive?

Thanks! I hope this gets posted - I'm thinking maybe not. But I'd sure love to hear some Blio fans out there persuade/encourage me to give this site/app a fair chance!

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