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Windows 8

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​Bought a book and only got the sample

If you upgrade a book from a sample and you do not see the whole book, please delete and redownload the title.

4 Free Books

There are several types of free content. The application comes with a few titles for demo purposes. Upon sign up, some users may be eligible for free promotional books. These books are preselected by the manufacturer and are not exchangeable.

Why was I charged for free book

The 1$ charge is a validation charge. This charge is refunded after the account billing info has been validated. Some books do not require credit card info because they are not .

No search result

When searching for books, if none appear, please make sure you are not search for a category but rather for a title or an author's name.

Can't see books in the store/library

Some firewalls or internet settings may be blocking the download, store, or even the auth services. Often secure networks, like schools or libraries, can cause these issue. The best way to check to see if this is the issue is to connect to an unsecured network. If you still have trouble, please contact us so we can try a remote session.


We do not yet offer a Mac OSX platform but for users who would like to use Blio, the only way is through emulation. Emulating Windows is the most stable way to use the application.

Windows Phone 7 and 8

At this time, there are no updates planned for WP7. The WP7 version does work but only has access to about 25% of the content due to DRM restrictions.

Offline reading:

To enable offline reading, download and open your book while you have a network connection. This will license the book to your device and enable offline reading.

International Billing Issues

We are currently working on standardizing all of the sites. Currently, the PC version is the only version that supports billing to the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. The mobile web sites (android and mobile.blioreader.com) support Billing for US, Mexico and Canada. Blio.com only supports US billing. We are very sorry for the confusion and any inconvenience.
If you receive a message about the title not being available, the author/publisher may not have given publishing rights for all countries.

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