Desktop App (Arcadia)

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2013 10:21AM EDT

Library Menu

There are two major menus within the Arcadia library. The first and most important is the settings menu.  To access the settings, press the gear icon in the upper left corner next to the store tab. There will be several options:
Account – Log out or change password and billing info
General Settings – Default app settings
Speech – Change TTS options
Parental Controls – Enable parental controls
Advanced Settings – Change language/currency and accessibility options
Key Commands – Shortcut keys for the app
The other menu is the book detail screen. When the mouse is left on a book, an info banner will appear. Select the info banner to display more information about the book.  To delete the book, select the trash can from the upper right corner of the book info page.


Reading View Menu

The menus for reading view are hidden by default but moving the mouse into the area will make the options appear.

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