Text to Speech VS Enhanced Audio

Last Updated: Nov 04, 2013 02:37PM EST

Blio was designed with accessibility features that allow the book to be read aloud. Not all books are enabled for read aloud but the ones that are enabled with use one of two different read aloud functions


Text to Speech

Text to speech (TTS) invokes the native Text to speech client for the device. Android an iOS do not have native TTS voices unless you put the device into Accessibility mode (which will read everything). The option to purchase a voice is available in the app and once purchased will work on all TTS enabled content.


Enhanced Audio

Enhanced audio books are essentially the same as TTS enabled books but they do not use the computerized TTS agent. Instead they have a narrated audio book file inside the book itself. These books do not require the purchase of any additional voices because the audio file is already associated with the book.


Starting Read Aloud on the Desktop App (Arcadia)

In the upper right hand corner, next to the close book button, there are a set of headphones. Press the headphones to begin read aloud. Press them again to stop.


Starting Read Aloud on Mobile devices and Tablets

Tap the center of the screen while in reading view and press the Play button/head phones in the nav bar. If there is no button (or it is greyed out), the title is not TTS enabled. 

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